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Stiga Estate 384e Battery Garden Tractor


The Estate 384e lawn tractor provides the perfect blend of power and pleasure. This rugged riding lawn mower is driven by a potent STIGA 30Ah (Li-Ion) battery pack, developed and tested by STIGA in Italy. The result? Lawn coverage up to 3000sqm and a running time up to 45 minutes on just one charge – without engine noise, fumes and hassle of a petrol riding lawn mower. It also comes with a spacious 240l grass collector, plus a mulching plug and blades if you’d prefer to spread fine cuttings over your lawn.
  • Battery powered petrol-free and stress-free riding mower
  • 240l grass collector included and mulching kit (sold separately)
  • Intuitive dashboard consolle with quick-press start button, battery status, and more
  • Brake system integrated in the electric engine system, no brake pedal. Just release the transmission pedal and the tractor will stop automatically.
  • 5-year warranty (T&C’s Apply)
  • 48V 30Ah battery included – fast charger included,

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Stiga Estate 384e Battery Garden Tractor

The Estate 384e ‘s 48V 30Ah battery combines the comfort of a sit-on lawn motor with the power of a petrol lawn tractor and because the battery’s so powerful and durable, you’ll enjoy rides lasting up to 45 minutes, covering up to 1800sqm on one charge.

Your Stiga Estate 384e Battery Garden Tractor comes with a 240l grass collector, so you can focus on cutting your lawn, not going to the garden bin and an intuitive dashboard features the battery power status and quick-press start button. A powerful 1.2kW transaxle motor lets you reach speeds of up to 9km/h, while two cutting blade motors totalling 3kW are free from belts, pulleys and expensive maintenance. Thanks to an ample 84cm cutting width, adjustable to 7 heights between 25 to 80mm, you’ll be finished and parked quickly.

A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with this model (T&C’s apply).

Please view delivery terms here.

Battery powered – for petrol-free, quieter mowing

With its powerful 48V 30Ah battery, you’ll cover up to 3000 sqm in 45 minutes on one charge – without the noise and fumes of a petrol tractor mower.

Efficient blade motors

Two blade motors provide combined cutting power of 3kW – without belts, pulleys, power loss or maintenance.

Spacious grass collector means less emptying

Let the roomy 240l grass collector take care of all your cuttings – or use the mulching plug (sold separately) to naturally fertilise your lawn. Mulching kit available as optional.

Easy cleaning

Innovative washing link feature – for the first time on an electric tractor – enables you to easily clean the cutting deck with a water hose. IP 65 protected.

Intuitive dashboard

Easy-to-read dashboard console features a simple start button and battery status

STIGA Smart cutting mode

All STIGA electric tractor mowers, Swift and Gyro are equipped with the STIGA Smart cutting mode function. While mowing, you can adjust the blade speed on 3 different settings, depending on the result you wish to see and on the conditions of the grass you are taking care of. Available speeds are Standard, Boost and Eco-Mode (which helps improving energy-efficiency). You can choose the blade speed directly from the dashboard, by simply pushing a button. A green LED-indicator will let you know at which speed you are cutting – you can change it anytime you want, while mowing.

STIGA Smart recharge schedule

When plugging your STIGA electric tractor mower in the garage or in your garden shed, you might prefer a certain timing for recharge, in order to save money on energy supply: open the STIGA.GO App on your smartphone and choose the Smart recharge schedule function so you can easily schedule a time slot for your tractor to recharge. It will only recharge in the given timeframe.

STIGA.GO app with virtual dashboard

Use your smartphone as a dashboard while driving, thanks to the STIGA.GO App! By installing the phone on the steering wheel through the holder, you can always see real-time information about the working session: speed, battery charge left, but also a feedback from the tractor mower on cutting efficiency, so you can adjust either speed or cutting height and achieve the best cutting results.


Power: 3 kW
Battery capacity: 30 Ah
Power source: Lithium-ion battery
ePower: Yes
Charging time: 2 h
Battery kit: Included
Voltage: 48 V
Battery type: Lithium-ions
Lithium battery nominal energy: 1500 Wh
Number of cells: 168
Charging current: 18 A
Charging system: External charger
Temperature control: Yes – temperature sensors
Maximum working area: 3000 ㎡


Cutting method: Collecting
Minimum uncut radius: 80 cm
Cutting width: 84 cm
Reverse mowing: Yes
Blade rotation: Untimed
Cutting height adjustment: Manual with lever
Cutting height positions: 7 positions
Cutting height range: 25 – 80 mm
Number of blades: 2
Blade type: Winged
Additional cutting method: Rear discharge, Multiclip mulching
Blade engagement type: Electric


Traction: Rear-wheel drive


Transmission method: Pedal-operated
Transmission type: Electric


Collector emptying: Manual
Collector capacity: 240 l
Steering wheel: STIGA ergonomic with soft grip
Seat type: STIGA classic
Seat adjustment: Screws
Dashboard: Yes with LED
Front wheel size: 15×6.00-6
Rear wheel size: 18×8.50-8
Headlights: Led
Bumper: Yes
Washing link: Yes
Collector type: Textile
Storage compartment: Yes
Cup holder: Yes
Pivoting front axle: Yes
Antiscalp wheels: 2
Safety system: Seat with Safety Contact Breaker


Mulching kit: Optional
Battery charger: Single fast
Trailer hitch kit: Optional


Measured sound power level dB(A): 99.74
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A): 85.1
Max vibration on steering wheels (m/s2): < 2.5
Max vibration on driver’s seat (m/s2): < 2.5
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) – dB(A): 100


Pack weight: 243 kg
Product length: 2340 mm
Product width: 902 mm
Product height: 1098 mm
Weight243 kg
Mower Propulsion Option


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