Stiga Batteries

Stiga batteries power a wide range of Stiga garden tools ranging from lightweight machines for domestic use (100 Series) with small gardens right up through to professional use and large gardens and parkland (500, 700 and 900 series).  Stiga’s next generation lithium E-Power batteries now offer greater run time and product life.

The Stiga 100 series is a lightweight value range for small gardens and uses the smaller E22 (2Ah) and E24 (4Ah) batteries across the series and competes with the own brand ranges from the major retailers.

All other Stiga tools share the same battery suitable for 500, 700 and 900 Series tools and lawn mowers. The 500 & 700 Battery Series offers increased power, precision & cutting performance alongside enhanced user comfort. The 900 series is the new STIGA Expert Battery Range offering performance equal to most powerful petrol machines, whilst all the advantages of working with battery tools.

Stiga’s after sales service is excellent supported by a good 3 or 5 year product warranty with a 2 year Stiga battery warranty.


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