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Our battery multi-tools are lighter and less bulky to work with than a petrol engine and it’s going to be quieter with no emissions too. Battery Multi-Tools gives you the ultimate taste of freedom when compared with electric garden tools, as you won’t need to worry about working within range of a power supply and there’ll be no electric cables trailing after you to cut through. Cordless power is at the very least, a safer more convenient choice. With the advances in battery techonology our range of Multi-Tools deliver equivilent power to the petrol counterparts too. With the battery backpack options offering heavy duty designs and meeting maximum runtimes whilst carrying the weight on your back rather than on the actual machine itself. We have multi-tools for all types of gardening with the Husqvarna 325iLK is a perfectly balanced, high-performance, battery-powered combi trimmer with the power output is the equivalent of a 25cc petrol engine or the adaptable and lightweight, with the Stiga MT 100e multi tool, there’s no need to climb ladders to take care of tall bushes and trees. Not sure what you want call 01594 810746 for expert friendly advice.

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For all petrol and battery powered garden machinery talk to our qualified engineers or visit our comprehensive parts and servicing site HERE

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