Ego Lawnmowers

Ego lawnmowers guarantee user-friendliness and ease of handling. You no longer have to check oil and petrol, prime the engine and pull the cord and hope it starts. Simply pull the handle and away you go. Aside from keeping the blade sharp there is little or no maintenance. The overall mowing experience is greatly enhanced with reduced noise, vibration and no emissions, just the sweet smell of cut grass.

There are Ego Lawnmowers for any job from a small garden through to professional use. The estimated running times will vary greatly given the nature of the task in hand. For example, a small push along Ego lawnmower with a 2.5Ah battery will have a 45 minute run time cutting dry short grass which is cut twice a week. This is reduced to 20 minutes for ‘normal’ length grass cut once a week. For the first cut of the season where the grass is long the run time will be further reduced to 10 minutes making the right mower and battery combination important to you circumstance and usage.

Ego’s after sales service is excellent supported by an impressive  5 year product warranty with a 3 year battery warranty.

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