Ego Chainsaws

Ego Chainsaws are ideal for cleaning up fallen limbs, landscape maintenance, and tree pruning, battery chainsaws are more than up to the job. Whilst the range of Stiga professional-level battery chainsaws compare very favourably with petrol-engine saws when it comes to power for the larger jobs like log cutting. The key benefits are the lightweight of battery powered saws and the additional safety of not having the engine continually running when not cutting.

Ego Chainsaws have excellent power delivery and build quality, we rate them so much we would put them in a head-to-head against the equivalent petrol power tool. As you would expect with a quality product the price point is at the top end of the market.

Ego batteries can fit any Ego tool they are completely interchangeable. They are so good that we reckon with just 2 batteries and a fast charger, you can run your Ego tools all day!

Ego’s after sales service is excellent supported by an impressive  5 year product warranty with a 3 year battery warranty.

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