EGO BC3800E 38cm Bike Handled Brush Cutter (Bare Tool)


Use as a brush cutter or line trimmer, this tool is supplied with both (30cm brush cutter and 38cm line trimmer), giving you more flexibility from a single tool. Use with variable speed with safety lock-off for improving your safety. A double shoulder harness is included for comfortable and efficient use, and the handles can be adjusted for even greater comfort or more compact storage.

Please note: this is a bare trimmer – no battery or charger is supplied.

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The BC3800E gives you more options with a single tool. The 38cm line trimmer head will help to tidy up spaces your mower may not be able to reach, such as close to tree trunks, flower beds, bushes and fences, while the 30cm brush cutter will cut through dense vegetation. This tool can also be used with EGO’s rotocut, which is suitable for cutting on hard surfaces such as pavement without damage.

There’s no substitute for comfort, so also provided with this set is the AP1500D double-shoulder harness, which easily clips into the solid steel drive shaft. The harness has a hip pad attached, which helps to protect you when resting the tool on your side.

The line trimmer head is supplied with 2.4mm line, which feeds into the rapid reload head to allow for quick line replacement. It’s also a bump feed head, so you can simply tap the head to feed new out new line during use. The brush cutter blade is high strength steel and is comprised of 3 blades with a 30cm total cutting width.

Please note: this is a bare trimmer – no battery or charger is supplied.

Run Time 2.5Ah
Run Time 4.0Ah
Run Time 5.0Ah
Run Time 7.5Ah
Run Time 10.0Ah
Cutting Width
Line Diameter
Line Feed
Up to 20mins
Up to 32mins
Up to 40mins
Up to 65mins
Up to 80mins
Rapid reload bump feed head
Weight4.35 kg
Kit or Bare Tool Option

Cutting Width

Product Type

Strimmer or Bushcutter


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