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EGO LBX6000 Blower (Bare Tool)


Setting a new standard for blowers, the LBX6000 is the most powerful handheld blower on the market. Delivering more blowing time, more comfort and more power than petrol. With the ability to blow over 1014m3 of air per hour on Boost mode, the leaves and the competition don’t stand a chance.

Please note: this is a bare blower – no battery or charger is supplied.

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The LBX6000 Professional-X battery blower is light and easy to handle, weighing as little as 2.7kg. Combine with the BAX1500 Backpack Battery to enjoy up to 350 minutes of run time on level 1 and up to 70 minutes on boost. In total, there are 5 level settings (including boost mode), so you have more power to move the most difficult of debris.

Choose between the AN6000R (Round) and AN6000F (Flat) nozzles which are also included in the set, so you can attack wet and dry leaves. Turbo Boost will give you 1014m3/h of air to help in clearing your path. Just turn up the volume and enjoy the petrol-matching power.

Part of EGO’s Professional-X range, this blower is designed to work all day, every day. With safe storage in mind, they’ve added a lock to the off switch, ensuring no accidents can happen during transit, plus sturdy feet save the blower tube from any accidental damage when in between tasks.

Please note: this is a bare blower – no battery or charger is supplied.

Run Time 2.5Ah
Run Time 4.0Ah
Run Time 5.0Ah
Run Time 7.5Ah
Run Time 10.0Ah
Up to 36mins
Up to 60mins
Up to 90mins
Up to 120mins
Weight2.7 kg
Kit or Bare Tool Option

Air per hour

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